- Why should I invest in a session with you, when there are cheaper options around?

This is such a good question! I personally believe that great photography of your family and loved ones are priceless, an investment i'm more than happy to make or save up for. We often think to capture our loved ones, but never go ahead with it, life gets too busy.. but the years roll by so quickly, and before you know it - your babies, children, families will be all grown up! We are so quick to get out our iPhones, however you can't blow up a beautiful iPhone photo and display it on a canvas in your lounge? Or what if your phone smashes or we lose those photos we love? Photographs of your loved ones are a lifelong investment, which will only be passed on to your children and family members to keep in the many years to come.

What is the first thing you rely on when you lose someone you love? Photos, memories, to be able to see that person again, remember the good times. Life is so short, we need to embrace it, capture it, remember it. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. My aim is to bring my clients the very best experience & products possible. I understand photography is a luxury investment and offer my clients nothing short of the best.

- Do you have a dedicated studio?

Yes, I have a beautiful natural light studio! My studio is used for all Newborn, Baby or Maternity sessions, whilst most of my Family and Children sessions are outside on location. Having a dedicated studio allows me to set-up prior to your session, making the most of our time in the studio. It also allows clients a wider variety of props and set-ups, as clients are always able to choose from my selection of props to incorporate into their sessions.

- Do you have updated CPR (Resuscitation) training, First Aid, Immunisations, Working With Children's Check etc?

Yes, I hold all current First Aid, CPR, up to date with all current Immunisations, hold Working with Children's Check, Police Check - and also hold a Diploma in Early Childhood Education.

- Do you use professional full frame cameras and equipment?

Many photographers use entry-level DSLR cameras with low resolutions, and unfortunately clients are often completely unaware that they are paying for an inferior product. You MUST insist your photographer have a Full Frame DSLR. This allows you the freedom to enlarge your photos to huge sizes while maintaining their sharpness. I Uses a Canon 5D Mark III - with all top of the line lenses.

- When is the best time to book our newborn session?

Short Answer for you - ASAP! As soon as you’ve discovered you’re pregnant is the perfect time to contact me and lock in your date. I only take on a limited number of newborns per month, so it’s important that you get in early to avoid missing out. We book in your due date, and once bubs is born we lock in a date and time that suits. The best time for you to have your Maternity session is between 33 & 36 weeks of pregnancy and for bubs - within the first 14 days. However, if you haven't thought that far ahead and have just recently had your baby - please still get in contact, we may have space available for you!

- Are there different payment options available?

Absolutely! I understand that good photography is an investment, one that I want to make accessible to all. I'm VERY happy to offer payment plans to suit your needs. Please just ask!

- Do you offer a professional range of products?

Yes!! We offer so many incredible, beautiful products for you to choose from! They are all through professional print labs, to ensure the highest quality products to display your art. We have displays of all our products on offer, in our studio.

- Do you provide a complete preparation packet so I can arrive fully prepared?

The prep packet is a guide for clients on what to expect during a Newborn or Family Session. From what to wear, to how to prepare your new baby, it covers it all. This allows for a calm environment, as clients have prior knowledge of what will happen during their session. I provide a Preparation Packet for parents which you receive once baby has arrived, with all of the information necessary to ensure as smooth a session as possible. I also provide a Preparation Packet for family sessions which also includes a styling guide.

- How long have you been working with newborns?

I have been photographing newborns professionally since 2012. I've also spent 8+ years in the childcare industry, being with and looking after babies runs in my blood! Especially when photographing newborns, safety is the HIGHEST priority - I know exactly how to handle, and to calm and soothe newborns.

If you have any other questions that hasn't been answered here - please get in contact! There is no such thing as a silly question! X